My Very First Post! – and 2 nail polishes to start the week.

On the weekends I usually dedicate some time to cleaning my make up brushes and taking care of my nails. Saturday I remove my nail polish from the previous week and trim/prep for painting on Sunday. I like to give them a nice 24 hours without polish since I’m – always – wearing it. So, since I’m starting this blog on a polish day, I thought I would share what I’m wearing for the week.

Mink Muffs – Essie

A Cut Above – Essie

Summer, yes, is fantastic to bring out those bold, bright, neon colours. I have been wearing them non-stop. Though it has (finally) started raining here, I felt a little neutral toned. I also wanted a bit of pop though, and that’s where the pink comes in. These two colours are great together to create a flirty nail.

 Base Coat x 1

Mink Muffs x 2

A Cut Above x 1

Top Coat x 1

Don’t forget to wait 5 minutes before each coat to get a smooth finish. I hope you get a chance to grab the Cut Above as it’s a Limited Edition Nail Polish!

Side Note: Essie nail polishes never – ever look good first coat. So when you put on the first coat and you think “CRAP”, don’t worry, apply your second coat and all will be well.

Ingredient of the Day: Cellulose

Categories: Plant Extract/Thickeners/Emulsifiers


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