Benefit – Stay Don’t Stray


Stay Don’t Stray – Benefit

I stumbled upon this beautiful product one day, when I just wanted to try something new. The cosmetician had asked if I had ever tried an eyelid primer. An EYELID primer? Seriously? Well….actually…..yes! I know they commonly get used as a base for eyeshadow – which I do, BUT, for me it has an extra added bonus. My eyelids are slightly pink, which is noticeable I’m sure only to myself.  Nevertheless, I swipe this baby (and a little goes a long way ladies) across my lids and not only does it get rid of the pinkness, but my eyes brighten up instantly! And not only can you use it as a base and an eye illuminator, but it works as a pretty fantastic concealer. This product is worth every penny and it’s lifespan is fantastic. I used it every day and it JUST ran out (I bought it at the beginning of winter).The only downside to this wonder, is that if you apply too much to your lid, it will get sticky and clumpy. You only need a little.

This product of the day is a “read this blog entry and go out and buy it right away” kinda product.

Ingredient of the Day: Isododecane

Categories: Miscellaneous

Hydrocarbon ingredient used as a solvent. Isododecane enhances the spreadability of products and has a weightless feel on skin. All hydrocarbons used in cosmetics help prevent the evaporation of water from the skin.


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