Lise Watier Crystal Drops in Tangerine


What’s hotter this year than tangerine? Well… pink, but tangerine is up there. I have mixed feelings about this beautiful looking lip gloss. First of all, the colour works on just about everybody. Bonus. It’s great for people who just want a hint of colour. Bonus. It’s SUPER shiny. Bonus. I bought this with high hopes. I applied it and insta-smiled. Beautiful, wonderful, 30minuteslatershattered. While the shine sticks around for hours, the actual tangerine colour disappears 30 minutes or so in to wear. Upsetting? Yes. As much as I love shine, I have many neutral/nude/colourless glosses that do just fine. I’m buying colour because I want to see colour. The crystal drops come in 3 different beautiful shades, unfortunately all lasting the same amount of time. My suggestion, if you want to buy it and try it, get a colour similar to go underneath for lasting colour.

Ingredient of the Day:  Polybutene

Categories: Thickeners/Emulsifiers

Polymer derived from mineral oil and used as a thickener and lubricant.


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