L’oreal Base & Top, Essie Good as Gold

L’oreal Base Coat

L’oreal Top Coat

Well, it’s Sunday. Nail day! I’ve just recently run out of these babes, so I thought I would let you know I don’t think much of them. They were a bit thick for my liking and they didn’t do anything fancy. Sometimes they didn’t even prevent my dark nail colours from turning my nails a tinge of yellow. But, whatever, I don’t REALLY expect miracles from products like these.

Essie – Good as Gold

Essie has just released new Mirror Metallics. Upon first glance online, I really was not interested. But upon first glance in person, I adored them. 5 very nice colours, though I could live without No Place like Chrome. It was actually hard for me to pick a colour but I managed. Good as Gold is actually a beautiful summer colour. I had mentioned in my very first post that Essie nail polishes do not go on well first coat, but this baby does. I still used 2 coats, but the first one had decent coverage. I think if you’re only looking at the new colours online, take a look at them in person. Much better. I might even pick myself up another colour from this line.
Lastly, I had once heard this was going to be limited edition, but as of earlier this week, I believe it’s going to be an Essie staple.


Ingredient of the Day: Formaldehyde

Categories: Preservative

Common type of preservative found in cosmetics. Despite some claims, there is no higher level of skin reaction to formaldehyde-releasing preservatives than to other preservatives (Source: British Journal of Dermatology, March 1998, pages 467–476). In fact, there is a far greater risk to skin from a product without preservatives, because of the contamination and unchecked growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold that can result if no preservatives are used.



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