It’s Nail Day!

Essie – Yummy Forever

Essie – Good as Gold

Alright, so as we all know, I do my nails for the week on Sundays. As I was removing my Good as Gold I was “reflecting” (I’m HILARIOUS) on my Mirror Metallic colour. I didn’t actually want to be rid of it so soon. Alright then, I said to myself. Let us get crazy. So I had recently bought a red (as my OPI one had run out!) and wanted to try it. SO, I used both. I put on 2 layers of base, 2 layers of Forever Yummy. Sat, watched my boyfriend play Zelda…….OH IT’S DRY…..covered half my nail (vertically) with Good as gold and finished up with a top coat. I did leave my pinky nails plain jane red. I love the fact that people have become so open with nail colours and styles. Otherwise, I would have had to choose between one or the other. So Good as Gold is now a double blogged item! Have you gone out and tried the Mirror Metallics yet?


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