Philosophy Purity 3 in 1 Cleanser

I saw this product while on a website. If you were the first 100 people to email them, they would send you a 30ml sample and 6 packets for your friends. So I did it, why not? 3 weeks later I actually got it.

This cleanser doesn’t do it for me. I have acne prone skin with a touch oiliness. My face was in good, clear condition when I started this and about 2 weeks later  I’m completely broken out. I do know this is a cleanser that isn’t focused on acne, but I didn’t think my face would get this bad, this quickly. This is kinda just a side note though, so don’t use if you’re acne prone. It does have a nice texture and to me, it smells like freshly washed clothes. To my boyfriend, it smells like wet dog food. Either way, if you’re sensitive to fragrance this-is-not-for-you. Very strong scent. It removes make up well and once I decided that I would just use it as an eye make up remover, I was disappointed again. It does say on the website and packaging that you may use it on your eyes. My eyes started stinging right away. Maybe I used too much, I don’t know. Though my friends haven’t gotten back to me on how they felt about the cleanser, I wouldn’t actually pay for this (and i’m glad I didn’t). I’m not even done the bottle and I’m going to be giving it to someone else that is curious. This is my first Philosophy product and it honestly hasn’t deterred me from trying other products. This just wasn’t a product for me. Has anyone else tried this product and loved it?


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