Lise Watier Duo Shadow and Glitter in Plum

One day I’ll realize that my life is always busy and to prioritize just a bit better. I have been so busy I have been slacking on my blogging. But this morning before I head off to work, I tried this beautiful shadow duo. The top is a cream based eyeshadow and the bottom is the matching glitter. The cream shadow on its own is nothing to write home about. It’s a nice colour, but it’s not the star of the show. The glitter is. And placed on top of the cream eyeshadow, WOW. There are 8 different and all equally beautiful colours. I would recommend purchasing the glitter brush from Lise Watier that makes putting on the glitter, that much easier and cleaner. If you’re sitting their wondering if this is actually that great, just go out and try it. Even on the back of  your hand. You’ll be hooked. Go!


Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach

Sometimes when the days are gloomy and rainy, I like a nice subtle colour. Smoked Peach is it. Without going completely nude, Smoked Peach is a nice step up. Soft, creamy peach lipstick which is an absolute joy to apply. You kind of have to stop yourself from continuously rubbing it on your lips. As the title states, it is matte, so if you’re feeling a bit shiny, add some gloss.  The only downside is that it doesn’t have much staying power. Maybe 3 hours if you’re not eating or drinking. If you don’t mind re-applying throughout the day (I mostly don’t mind), then it’s not an issue! Overall I think it’s a good product to add to your collection. Give it a go!

OPI Cancun Fiesta & Essie Blanc

Well, I think I’m just so special that I got to be an exclusive participant in having the flu for the last 48hours! Last night I felt moderately okay and decided to do my nails.

OPI Cancun Fiesta

Essie – Blanc












Cancun Fiesta is from the 2009 summer collection and to this day, I still love it. It’s a very Barbie pink….maybe more like night time Malibu Barbie-esque. It’s a nice hot pink that gets a little bit more pop if you put the Essie Blanc underneath, which I did. You only need one coat of Blanc to benefit. Cancun goes on nice and thick, so if you get it right with one coat, you’re good to seal it up with top coat. You probably can’t get Cancun Fiesta anymore, but if you can, or can find a colour close to it, pick it up. It should be part of your pink nail collection.

Benefit Posie Tint

So remember Erase Paste? That my bestie got me? Well she also gave me the Posie Tint. I tried it yesterday for work and I hate it. I know that’s harsh, and I have to admit, I didn’t try it on my cheeks, but I did try it on my lips. And from that alone, I probably won’t try it on my cheeks. I put on one coat, did some stuff, went back to look at it – no colour. Okay that’s fine, I put on another coat……it took me 3 coats to get any colour and when I finally did get colour I hated it. My lips just looked……weird…..and it dried them out like i’ve never experienced! I’ve never had to reapply balm so often. I’m sorry if there are posie tint lovers out there, and I know there are, but this was just not a product for me.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Graffiti

I’m pretty sure I’ve admitted to having a love for Urban Decay, so I won’t gush again. Graffiti is a spectacular green eyeshadow with a nice sheen, no glitter. It claims it is duo tone (changes colours in different settings)  but I didn’t find that to be true. You can apply this softly for a “gentler” look, but in my opinion, if you’re buying this colour, it’s not to be subtle. You can get a great colour with it on its own or add water for a more intense, pigmented look. I must say, this is a deluxe eyeshadow and you get this beautiful, beautiful packaging with it that is like no one else. If you haven’t checked out Urban Decay yet and you’re a fan of eyeshadow, head to Sephora now! You’re missing out!

Biotherm BioPur Pore Reducer “Mask”

I don’t know about you guys but masks are a big part of my weekly cleansing routine. Biotherm Pore Reducer mask is quite wonderful for those nights when you’re thinking you’re due for a mask but you just don’t  have time. Bring this into the shower with you and just before you soap up your beautiful body, pop this on your face. Soap your body up, rinse and then wash the mask away. It only needs to be on for a minute (this is why I put mask in quotations). And that minute will be the tingliest, coolest (yes temp wise!) minute ever! If you have super, super, super sensitive skin, this product will most likely burn instead of tingle/cool. So I wouldn’t recommend you using it in that circumstance.

Now, I don’t notice that it helps reduce the size of my pores, but what I do notice is that it helps bring the black heads up to the surface and be easily extracted. And that’s really the only thing I can claim that it does. Honestly, I’m ok with that! Sometimes I feel I need something to get those blackheads out, and I don’t feel like getting nose strips, forehead strips or whatever else there is out there. This does the job quickly and effectively. You wouldn’t die without this product, but give it a try.

Butter London – Bluey

I’m going to start out by saying this nail polish name is ridic! Bluey?

Moving on. I had an interview for Estee Lauder/Clinique on Saturday and wanted a fun colour. I picked this up. I love it! I needed 3 coats because it goes on very sheer, but once you get the intensity you want, you’ll love it. It’s described as a peacock blue and I couldn’t agree more. I did have the urge to add my own twist to it, so on my ring finger on both hands I put one coat of the Essie – A Cut Above.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Erase Paste by Benefit

The last month has kind of been a concealer month. I’ve been searching, hunting, reading about – concealer. Since I now have my acne under control (most of the time), I have been in search of a concealer to just help cover up localized breakouts. I now own 3 concealers! My Fusion Beauty Illuminating Concealer, KatVon D tattoo concealer and this baby right here, that my overly picky, make up obnoxious best friend gave to me 2 days ago. She hated it. I tried it today and I love it. Now I love it for only 1 reason and I get why my bestie dislikes it.

It does not cover up acne or any kind of imperfection very well. What it does do is cover up your gross black eye circles! If you are blessed with flawless under eyes, congrats to you my friend. You’ll never need to purchase this product. If you aren’t blessed, this is for you! I used the TINIEST amount under my eyes and the peach tones it comes in, counteract the blue/purple under your eyes and bam. Circles, gone. I did apply this to a blemish or two and it doesn’t hold up as well. I would strictly use this for under my eyes, and I will. Thank the lords this beauty was passed on to me. It will be repurchased.

Almay Intense i-colour Powder Shadow in Trio for Greens

Let me start off by saying I don’t have green eyes! BUT, I loved the colours in this trio so I went with it. Almay has come out with 4 different trios for 4 different eye colours. Blue, Brown, Green and Hazel. All trios are there to help enhance the natural colour of your eye. Again, I bought the ones for green. I really enjoy this trio for a few reasons.

1. If you’re a bit confused on how to put on different colours of shadow, the clever packaging has given you directions! Just make sure to blend. It does blend very easily, so there should be no problems.

2. I have some colours similar to this from Urban Decay and Almay does a really good job of keeping the quality almost up there with them. The colours are not as pigmented, but with a bit of building you can achieve some wonderful colour.

3. I like quads and trios just for the simple reason that you can either wear all of the colours or just a few. If you’re feeling super casual, even just one. All 3 colours of this trio look good on their own.

If you haven’t tried any of these from Almay, I’d really suggest you do. Good pricing for a good product and it wears all day.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick in Keep Me Coral

OMG. Okay, ladies. A while ago I posted about the 14hr in Eternal Rose. STILL the best bright pinky out there, imo. So I bought this colour, which, like the title states, is Keep Me Coral. I think you should add this to your collection for fall. Fantastic. I would say it’s on the “browner” side of corals. Mostly corals are orangey-reddy, but this has a brown undertone, making it great to go into cooler seasons. But what’s really fantastic about these lipsticks is that they live up to their 14 hour claim. I worked 8am to 9pm yesterday and didn’t touch up once. And when I got home, I actually had to make up remove the rest. And you know of course that I ate and drank through the day. Stayed! You SERIOUSLY need to get some of these amazing colours. Especially if you work long days and don’t like touch ups. This will keep you going all day, and more.


I apparently never did a post about Eternal Rose. Good lord, I need some mental help I think! Okay, here’s a picture of Eternal Rose. If you like bright pink, just please go out and buy this.