Body Shop Lip Scruff

I love me a good lip scrub (again, obsessed with any form of exfolitation). I’ve bought this product twice, and I liked it both times. I don’t say love because on the negative side of things, I felt it left a bit of a residue. It’s minty, you can feel it exfoliating those fine lips, and they are soft afterwords! If you are a fan of the sugar scrub, you won’t like this. It has pieces of oatmeal in it which gives it a different texture then the lovely sugar. I enjoyed the oats though! I really hope you at least give this a try as I feel you won’t be disappointed. It deserves at least one touch with your lips. Are there lip scrubs you love?
Side note: I know I usually do the nail thing on Sundays, but believe it or not, I’m too tired to paint my nails and decided to just leave it alone for now 🙂 I blame Sunny Saturdays, patios and rum and cokes!


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