Cover FX Bronzed FX in Gold

Cover FX. Sadly not the most popular brand out there. Cover FX is such an under rated brand. I consider it the MAC for problem skin. Does it have the range and variety of MAC? Definitely not. But what they do have, is great products. Today I’ll just be covering their bronzer. Honestly, before this bronzer I too didn’t know much about them. My coworker knowing how my skin likes to disobey me suggested I try one of their products. Well, I had just run out of a bronzer, so why not? Though i’m very pale and this bronzer looks super dark, it actually goes on beautifully light. Now I told you how I hate some buildable products, but in this case, I love it. Depending on how sun kissed I want to look, I can sweep it over my face once for a soft glow or apply it for a few swipes to achieve the sun kissed goddess look. It’s oil – free, fragrance free and non-comedegenic, making it wonderful for people with more sensitive skin. It also comes in 5 just-as-awesome shades. I think you should definitely let this product be part of your make-up bag family. You won’t regret it.


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