MAC Studio Tech in NW15


I like a good, full coverage in my foundation. I save the BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizers for lighter feeling days.

This product goes on as a cream and finishes as a powder, making it great for summer days. You still get the full coverage but it doesn’t have the melting power in the heat because of the powder aspect. Not a product for people with dry to very dry skin as this leaves a matte finish. I find some thicker, full coverage products don’t let your skin breathe, but this doesn’t have a heavy, constricting feel. It does gives you a sponge to work with, but for the amount you’re paying for it, use a foundation brush! It will last you twice as long! Let’s be honest, the brush does a better job then the sponge anyway. I don’t know if I would buy this product again simply because I’ve tried better full coverage MAC products before, and there was nothing amazing about this product. It did it’s job (being matte and not melting), and who knows, it may just stay my every-summer-item.


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