Under Control Mattifying Gel by Pur Minerals

I don’t know about you wonderful people, but this weekend was cray! Today is my day off and I feel exhausted but my best friend wants to hit up Sephora. Let’s be honest, who actually says no to that?



Under control mattifying gel. Let me tell you right off the bat, my skin is slightly oily. In the summer I go a touch shiny – oily and in the winter I go a touch dry – red. Anyway. I didn’t want or need extra shine to add to my hot sweaty face. So I decided to pick this up (mainly because it was on sale). While it claims to minimize the appearance of pores and give a matte finish, I only found one of those claims to be true. It does mattify the skin. In saying that, it doesn’t last all day. So start out with it in the morning and either pack it in your make up bag for touch ups, or bring yourself some blotting papers for later afternoon. You could also just use POREfessional, but that’s another blog entry.

As for minimizing the appearance of your pores, I know I gotsa strawberry face (don’t look at my blog like that, you know what I mean. How strawberries have those “pores” aka seeds), but I didn’t notice any change in the appearance of my pores. They were still medium – large looking.

Texture wise, it’s not bad. It’s not the smoothest product on the planet, but it’s not bad. I did however notice that if you’re only a seasonal oily like I am, don’t use any other kind of mattifying product with this. It will dry out your skin. I made that mistake when forgetting I had had this on that day, and after taking a shower I put on the Vichy 3 in 1 mattifying mask (another post), and my face dried up like a prune.

Bottom line. I would try this if you were going to get it for $10 like I did and you only had a slight oil problem.



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