Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick in Keep Me Coral

OMG. Okay, ladies. A while ago I posted about the 14hr in Eternal Rose. STILL the best bright pinky out there, imo. So I bought this colour, which, like the title states, is Keep Me Coral. I think you should add this to your collection for fall. Fantastic. I would say it’s on the “browner” side of corals. Mostly corals are orangey-reddy, but this has a brown undertone, making it great to go into cooler seasons. But what’s really fantastic about these lipsticks is that they live up to their 14 hour claim. I worked 8am to 9pm yesterday and didn’t touch up once. And when I got home, I actually had to make up remove the rest. And you know of course that I ate and drank through the day. Stayed! You SERIOUSLY need to get some of these amazing colours. Especially if you work long days and don’t like touch ups. This will keep you going all day, and more.


I apparently never did a post about Eternal Rose. Good lord, I need some mental help I think! Okay, here’s a picture of Eternal Rose. If you like bright pink, just please go out and buy this.


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