Erase Paste by Benefit

The last month has kind of been a concealer month. I’ve been searching, hunting, reading about – concealer. Since I now have my acne under control (most of the time), I have been in search of a concealer to just help cover up localized breakouts. I now own 3 concealers! My Fusion Beauty Illuminating Concealer, KatVon D tattoo concealer and this baby right here, that my overly picky, make up obnoxious best friend gave to me 2 days ago. She hated it. I tried it today and I love it. Now I love it for only 1 reason and I get why my bestie dislikes it.

It does not cover up acne or any kind of imperfection very well. What it does do is cover up your gross black eye circles! If you are blessed with flawless under eyes, congrats to you my friend. You’ll never need to purchase this product. If you aren’t blessed, this is for you! I used the TINIEST amount under my eyes and the peach tones it comes in, counteract the blue/purple under your eyes and bam. Circles, gone. I did apply this to a blemish or two and it doesn’t hold up as well. I would strictly use this for under my eyes, and I will. Thank the lords this beauty was passed on to me. It will be repurchased.


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