Biotherm BioPur Pore Reducer “Mask”

I don’t know about you guys but masks are a big part of my weekly cleansing routine. Biotherm Pore Reducer mask is quite wonderful for those nights when you’re thinking you’re due for a mask but you just don’t  have time. Bring this into the shower with you and just before you soap up your beautiful body, pop this on your face. Soap your body up, rinse and then wash the mask away. It only needs to be on for a minute (this is why I put mask in quotations). And that minute will be the tingliest, coolest (yes temp wise!) minute ever! If you have super, super, super sensitive skin, this product will most likely burn instead of tingle/cool. So I wouldn’t recommend you using it in that circumstance.

Now, I don’t notice that it helps reduce the size of my pores, but what I do notice is that it helps bring the black heads up to the surface and be easily extracted. And that’s really the only thing I can claim that it does. Honestly, I’m ok with that! Sometimes I feel I need something to get those blackheads out, and I don’t feel like getting nose strips, forehead strips or whatever else there is out there. This does the job quickly and effectively. You wouldn’t die without this product, but give it a try.


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