MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

So I never actually bought this product. One day while picking up some MAC products, the kind make-up artist gave me a handful of this Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (in cute little tubs of course). Right away I love that it’s charcoal black in colour. How fun is that? This fills me with excitement even up until I get home, open up the pot and use it for the first time. My opinion of this product does not change from the first time I used it, to the 10th time I used it. The texture of this product is like a gel with very tiny exfoliating beads in it. Almost as tiny as you would find in a product for micro-dermabrasion. It almost looks like caviar a bit….yea, caviar! Anyway, once you place it on your face and start rubbing it around in a circular motion, it turns a bit grey and has a slight foam to it. The texture to me personally felt a bit like rubbing pop rocks on your skin. Not that I’ve ever rubbed pop rocks on my skin. There are enough beads that when you’re rubbing you can feel them all over and not just here and there – which I love. It definitely leaves my face feeling squeaky clean. Once it’s been washed off my skin, my skin did not feel tight or dry. And though it claims to add moisture I didn’t feel like my skin was overly moisturized either. I also did not feel like there was a left over residue. I did only use this product – like I said, around 10 times and I didn’t notice anything amazing resulting from using this exfoliator. Maybe if I had used it more? I can’t answer that obviously, but it was a very nice experience over all. Would I pay $33.50 for it? Possibly, depending on what kind of spending day you catch me on, but I’m not rushing out to get it. I can however see someone falling in love with it, I would understand. It deserves at least a try.


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