Benefit – Girl Meets Pearl

Let’s pretend that you have super fair skin, no glow, no dewiness, no…..oh how depressing. You’re me! I have the most lifeless looking skin, ever. Seriously. Enter the “light” of my life (I’m hilarious), Girl Meets Pearl. It claims to be golden pink but I believe it to just be pearly pink. Whichever way you see it, it’s a wonderful, shiny, soft fluid that blends in smoothly. If you find you have a bit of dull looking skin (which I get in the fall to winter seasons), and you’d like to spruce up that face a bit, this could be your answer. There are two ways you could put this on. Right after you’ve applied your make up, tap onto the top of your cheek bones, cupid’s bow, wherever you would like to see a hint of glow. OR, I prefer to dab blobs of it all over my face and then mix it in while putting on my foundation, achieving an all over glowing look.  If you have oily skin like I do in the summers, you don’t really need this. It will probably make you look a lot oilier. I would use this as your fall/winter secret weapon.

I don’t have a very good camera or any type of video taping equipment (maybe one day) to show you how I apply this, so I’m going to link you a video from Benefit’s website on how you can use this product. I hope it helps!

Finding Mr. Bright


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