Julep Maven September Box (plus free add on)

Julep Maven, I love you. So, I figured I should probably review my September Julep Maven box before I receive my October one. In my box I got a closer-to-turquoise green called Popova and a beautiful dark royal blue called Gunta. Both go on with the same thickness as the first two I received. I also got a lengthening mascara in brown, which is rubber bristled and double sided. One side has the applicator and the other side is a brush, to brush out any clumping. I love it! I just wish it had been in black. It’s nice for a bare-faced kind of day though.

I did get a free add on, though I’m not sure why. It’s called Alma, and though it looks like a bright yellow, when you get it, it is actually more of a mustard yellow, almost Dijon. I don’t love the yellow but I have used it as an accent over another colour, so that’s alright. I’m super excited to receive my October box and I still think every girl who loves polish needs to get these boxes!!!!


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