Biotherm Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Serum

I’m wondering how forgiving you guys are of people who’s lives get so crazy they stop blogging for a month……or more. My love for make up has stayed the same but my life just got KA-RAZY. Here I am, with a day off to breathe, gunna write about stuff. I’ve tried a lot of skin care and make up since my last post and as much as I want to write about every item, I won’t. That would take all day plus some. So i’ll start back with a skin care product I just finished and have yet to throw out because it cost me a lot of money. Even though there’s no product left. It was $80!!! I know, get over it Natasha. Right.


I first laid eyes on this beauty in the early spring (it may have even been the end of winter, who the heck knows?!). I was going through an “everything needs to be Biotherm” faze. The lovely sales person gave me a sample to take home and try, seeing as I stated earlier – the product is $80 for 50ml. Now, I’m only 28 years old (pretending I’m 19) and I don’t need intensive anti-aging skin care products, BUT after using this product for a week (that sample lasted me a week, you only need a very small amount) I found my skin just looked healthier. It didn’t glow but looked….supple, soft, happy. Yes, happy. Skin can be happy, ok?! I fell in love. I went back and bought the hell out of that $80 serum. It has lasted me roughly 8 months. That’s not too bad (I’m trying to still justify the price). Is it WORTH it though is the real question. Yes it is. If you find your skin is a bit dull looking, tired, even though its main course of action isn’t”awakening your skin”, for me, it did. After frequent use, your face looks rejuvenated and like I said – “happy”. It has a touch of Salicylic Acid in it to help even out your skin, and frankly, for acne prone skin like mine, it helped at keeping those small blemishes at bay. I used it at night, just before bed and you only need a pea sized amount. As for the main reason people should buy this, for its anti-aging properties, I cannot give a fair assessment. I did not repurchase this product as I feel it would benefit me more at an older age – but try a sample anyway if you can. I bet in a week you’ll wake up, look in the mirror and think – “I look really nice this morning”. Thank you Vivo.


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