Julep Maven – October Box

I guess I should review the October Julep Maven Box before my November one comes this week.

So this is what I got from Julep for the month of October. It also came with candy corn, which I thought was such a cute touch. There was also a bonus Halloween glitter pot set.

The reason I didn’t love this months box was no one’s fault but my own. I was taking a risk because I had never owned a crackle before and I thought maybe it would be neat to have one. So Hermione, which is the white polish – is a crackle. The other polish is a nice light toned grey called Lisa. Lisa is pretty but not breathtaking and Hermione is something I could live without. Now having owned a crackle I know for sure I’m not a huge fan. It does crackle nicely, it does it’s job right, I’m just not a fan. The glitter is a nice touch though I found they were very difficult to put on. It could be that I’m just not an expert at putting glitter on nails but the pots are so tiny and then trying to get the glitter to fall properly on your wet nails – it was just rough! I will try it again eventually. The star in this box, for me, is the Quick Dry Polish Drops. I don’t know how I’ll ever naturally let my nails dry again. These drops are fantastic! My nails dry within seconds of putting just one drop on. If you are sensitive to fragrance though, careful. It has a very, very strong lavender scent. At first it was even a little overwhelming for me. If you can get past that though, the smell doesn’t last long and your nails dry in no time. I now don’t have to worry about long days, changing my nail polish and then having to wait to go to bed until my nails dry.
Again, these polishes had fantastic coverage and the only regret I have is my own for not choosing a box without crackle. I am still completely in love with the program and I look forward to receiving my November box. Julep

I’m also excited to say I signed up for a monthly beauty box called Top Box. It’s supposed to ship out November 10th. I’m super excited and super nervous at the same time. I’ve heard huge hits and huge misses, so I’m hoping my first one (and all the rest, really) is not a dud.


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