Neostrata Instant Invigorating Eye Masks


Neostrata has changed my life. In many different ways. We’ll focus on this one right now. I have very telling eyes. If I’m tired or well slept, you can tell. No eye cream has been able to really help that. Well, not as well as these eye masks. I only use them once a week and I can see a difference. The skin around my eyes is just more noticeably “alive”. The idea is that you put on your eye cream, let it soak in and then put on these eye masks afterwords. It not only enhances the benefits of your eye cream  but it reduces puffiness and fine lines as well as restoring moisture and giving you an over all more youthful appearance. I agree with everything it states that it does. I didn’t find I noticed anything after my first two applications, but after that, my eye area just looked smoother, more radiant.

Not only does it work but I found it enjoyable to use. That can be hard to say about a lot of products. These come in packages of two, one for each eye, and it’s a gel mould of underneath your eye. You can pop them in the fridge (which I’ve always done since day one) for 30 minutes before use, leaving you with an added cooled relief. You leave them on for 20 minutes and then literally just toss them out. As easy as that! The only down side to this product, it’s $27 for 3 uses. That’s quite a bit of money. Especially if you figure you use it once a week, you’re looking at a $30/month habit. Get these on sale and try them out. They are SO worth at least a try, just for the pure fun and luxury of it.


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