Benefit’s Instant Glamification Eyeliner Trio


For someone like me who has an addiction to gel liners, I don’t own many pencil liners. I saw this very handy pack at the drugstore and after a bit of contemplating, picked it up. It’s a trio of black, grey and brown. I enjoy these pencils but I don’t love them. It could be because I absolutely love liner pots and I’m biased. I’m willing to accept that. The colour pay off with these is good, though a bit lacking in the water line. They go on smoothly and they do blend well if needed. I’m glad I have them and don’t regret buying them but they definitely didn’t make me love pencils. If you are a pencil liner lover, then you probably don’t need to buy these because you’ll already have those colours. If you are new to liner, then this is a very good pack to start off with as it has your basic colours. Once I’m out, I won’t repurchase again.


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