Julep Maven November Box


So this month Julep was trying out some polishes that left your nails looking suede. I thought that was pretty cool but was still unsure. I’m still on the fence and I’ve gotten my November box, ha! My “style” is Boho Glam and this month was going to be the suede’s…. until I decided I was unsure about the suede effect and I wasn’t a fan of my styles colours. I switched over to Bombshell this round. I’m not sad that I did! Two beautiful colours with the same quality as past, Donna, smokey peacock blue creme and Trina, deep purple shimmer. I’m wearing Donna right now and can’t stop loving it. You also get this pink body frosting which is Pink Grapefruit scented. Oh.my.GOD. It smells like candied grapefruit and the texture is like whipped butter. It’s not greasy but it is thicker. I like thin lotions but I will use this when feeling like I need something a bit more…..decadent. Now, I also got a bonus item:

Julep Nail Polish remover pads. I cannot comment on them as of yet because I haven’t tried them. I will however update this post or do another post with this added in, once I try them. I do like the idea of them.
I should be getting my Topbox in today so I’m excited!!! I’ll keep you posted.









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