Smashbox Ultimate Palette


This is probably my most fave item I have bought in the last few months. It’s really all a girl could want and need for day to day make up life. Wonderful eye shadows, blushes, highlights, eyeliners and glosses. How can you go wrong? You can’t. For roughly $70 this palette is a steal. The quality is fantastic. I even used two colours for zombie make up. This is a classy move from Smashbox and I really recommend you go out and add this to your collection. I don’t even have anything negative to say about this. I do have to say though, a cute bonus is that they give you front and back cue-cards for different eye shadow styles. It’s great for when you just don’t know what kind of style you’re in the mood for.
In other news, I did get my Top Box and I am pleased. Reviews will come as I use the products but I paid $11 CND and I figure I got about $37 worth of product. I think I’ll be trying this again for 1 more month.


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