Vichy Aqualia Thermal – Rich


It’s that time of year again where your skin (if it’s like mine) starts to get irritatedly dry. I recently got to try the Vichy Aqualia Thermal in Rich. There are two other versions of this product, light and aqua gel. Since my skin has been drier then normal I thought I would test out the rich one. I’m not a huge fan of thick face creams for your face. I have to say though, I enjoyed this one. It IS thick but it still somehow doesn’t feel heavy on your face. I would love to know how the light or aqua gel would feel. Putting this on felt luxurious. It absorbs fairly quick and doesn’t leave a residue or any greasy feel afterwords. It says for best results to use 2 weeks continuously but I only got to use it for 1. I noticed a difference though only after 1 week. I did feel like my skin was a lot more hydrated and comfortable. My only con with this product is that it does have a strong perfume smell to it. I’ve said it before, I’m not apposed to fragrance but I found this one particularly strong. I would buy this product strictly for winter. I don’t think I could handle the thick texture any other way. If you love thick moisturizers and you are in need of some hydration, try this now! It’s beautiful.


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