Garnier BB Cream


Somehow this is only the 2nd BB cream I’ve ever tried. The first one being the Marcelle one.

I have to say that this Beauty Balm is fantastic for the type of weather we’re in/going into. For my skin it offers a lot of hydration. It blends into my skin leaving behind a dewy look, which I love in the colder months because it’s when my skin starts looking dull and dead. It comes in Light to Medium, Medium to Dark. I of course, am Light to Medium. It tints to my skin perfectly and it’s sheer enough that if you want to wear it alone just for a dewy natural look it works, but if you want to wear it under your foundation, it brightens up whatever your foundation might be. In saying that, if you have a foundation that is already brightening/glowing up your skin, you might want to pass on mixing the two. You could literally start to glow  🙂 I don’t think my skin could handle this product in the summer as I tend to get oilier. Self explanatory really, highlighting base and oil? Disaster. For dryer, duller skin, I would give this a try. Oilier? I would pass. Also, if you’re expecting miracles or radical changes to your skin with this cream, you won’t get it. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer, not a miracle balm. I would buy it again.


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