Revlon Nail Polish in Carbonite


I’m being kind of rude by telling you about this polish because I bought it last year and it was part of Revlon’s Christmas Collection. I haven’t seen it re-release this year (yet?). Let me tell you, when I bought this and put it on for the first time I LOVED it. I was so disappointed that everyone who commented on it wasn’t a fan. I wasn’t offended, trust me, I love me some cosmetic criticism, but I WAS shocked. I don’t know why, but I fell in love with it and I think i’m the only one that did! Anyway….I’m still getting over it, HA!

I decided to bring this baby back and put it on last night. I still love it. Very metallic, deep, dark silver/grey. Lasts well, doesn’t chip (at least not instantly) and it goes on very, very smoothly. I think this colour is so wonderful for the holidays. The one thing I do hate, and it has nothing to do specifically with this colour – the packaging. Oh my GOD! Revlon, come on! I hate, hate, hate the bottles. They are starting to come out with better packaging for nail colour but look at this bottle. It’s seriously ugly. Anyway, I’m still getting over that as well it would seem. I love this colour, maybe you could humour me and pretend to love it too.


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