Merry Christmas! Topbox for December.

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, Merry Belated Christmas, happy holidays and just general happy spicy scents and even more reasons to get glamorous season! I’ve been super busy with Christmas, work wise and personally. It’s bittersweet that it’s over and that only New Years is left. My fingers are crossed for a quiet evening. I know that sounds boring but from as far back as I can remember I’ve been party jumping on NYE and I’m tiiiiired! I just want to have a couple of people over and have a low key night. We’ll see what happens.

Anyways, I received my Topbox just before Christmas and I have to say I’m disappointed. It’s not in the products that I’m disappointed in….it’s in the lack of them? Size of them? I don’t know. I feel like my first one was pretty great and then this one was just so far from great. Anyway, here we go:


ChloeEau de Parfum I received 5ml and 50ml is $90, 75ml is $115. I thought that this was a very nice perfume to receive, again, pleased with the scent. The bottle was very, very cute. Just like the Roberto Cavalli bottle, it was a miniature version of the full sized bottle.






Ferro Cosmetics Radiance Illuminating Mineral Foundation

I got a very small sample, didn’t even have an amount on it and I can’t even find this specific product on their website. I have not tried this product out yet, so I have no feed back.


ImageGoldwell Hot Form Spray

I received a 30 ml bottle and 150ml is $20.95.

I don’t actually use much in my hair with the exception of shampoo, conditioner and oils. I don’t straighten, curl, blow dry my hair or anything SOOOO I don’t know if i’ll be using this. I might give it to my bestie and hope she tells me how it is.



Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment

I received two, 3ml packages and 50 ml retails for $75.

I was actually quite happy to receive this. I have acne prone skin and I was excited to try a treatment using Benzoyl Peroxide. It works best with my skin. I enjoyed this product a lot. It does say to use it as a spot treatment but I used it all over. It wasn’t overly drying which can happen with BP. It has a thin, lotion like texture and no scent. Very light on the skin and I don’t think I had enough to say 100% that it works. My face is slightly cleared up but could it be better with more use? I don’t know.


So that was my Topbox and again, not amazed. The best product out of everything for me, was that Kellett Clarifying Acne Treatment. I’m still up in the air on renewing for next month.


Fresh Lip Sugar Polish and Lip Treatment SPF 15







I’m doing 2 products today because I use them as a team. I would feel weird not reviewing them both and to be honest, I think the best way to use these products is together. You all know I reviewed and loved the Body Shop Lip Scrub. For $14 I repurchased it 3 times and loved it equally each time. On the 4th time I decided I had wanted to try something new. My friend had given me the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and I hadn’t tried it yet, so I thought in my search for a scrub that I would just go ahead and try the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. At $26 this scrub is very expensive. In saying that…..I’ve had it for months and have not made a dent. It wouldn’t surprise me if the tiny bottle lasts me the year. If it does, I’m OK with spending the $26 a year. This scrub is fantastic! I loved it from first use. It quickly beat the Body Shop. It is moisturizing as well as exfoliating. It literally feels like you are taking damp brown sugar and rubbing it on your lips. Hey, I love me some brown sugar, so why not rub myself with it?! It does do it’s job and get dead skin off but I found without using a balm afterwords it wasn’t as effective at keeping the flakes away. In walks the lip treatment. I apply this after I scrub and it leaves my lips feeling amazing. So silky and smooth. I want to say I like it better then the Vichy Lip balm but I’m on the fence. You can wear this treatment under some lipsticks but if you use a little too much the lipstick won’t stay on. I mainly use it just after scrubbing and keep my Vichy for day time. All in all, these 2 products as a team have blown me away. I will repurchase for sure.

Moringa Body Mist

moringa-body-mist_lI know it’s Christmas time and I should be heading into Christmas scents but I had to tell you about this beautiful body mist that I am obsessed with. If you don’t like floral you won’t like this.  I bring this mist up now because it was a particularly gloomy, cold, depressing day yesterday and I spritzed this on and was instantly in a happier mood. It’s very soft, feminine and floral. It will teleport your mind to spring and airy dresses with fields of wild flowers. No seriously, it will! This is 1 of 7 new body mists from The Body Shop and they’re all a really low price of $14 for 100ml. Again, I know this is not “season appropriate” but you should go check them out. It’s lovely.