Fresh Lip Sugar Polish and Lip Treatment SPF 15







I’m doing 2 products today because I use them as a team. I would feel weird not reviewing them both and to be honest, I think the best way to use these products is together. You all know I reviewed and loved the Body Shop Lip Scrub. For $14 I repurchased it 3 times and loved it equally each time. On the 4th time I decided I had wanted to try something new. My friend had given me the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and I hadn’t tried it yet, so I thought in my search for a scrub that I would just go ahead and try the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. At $26 this scrub is very expensive. In saying that…..I’ve had it for months and have not made a dent. It wouldn’t surprise me if the tiny bottle lasts me the year. If it does, I’m OK with spending the $26 a year. This scrub is fantastic! I loved it from first use. It quickly beat the Body Shop. It is moisturizing as well as exfoliating. It literally feels like you are taking damp brown sugar and rubbing it on your lips. Hey, I love me some brown sugar, so why not rub myself with it?! It does do it’s job and get dead skin off but I found without using a balm afterwords it wasn’t as effective at keeping the flakes away. In walks the lip treatment. I apply this after I scrub and it leaves my lips feeling amazing. So silky and smooth. I want to say I like it better then the Vichy Lip balm but I’m on the fence. You can wear this treatment under some lipsticks but if you use a little too much the lipstick won’t stay on. I mainly use it just after scrubbing and keep my Vichy for day time. All in all, these 2 products as a team have blown me away. I will repurchase for sure.


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