Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti


Revlon lip butters. They’ve been out for quite some time now. I only have 1 colour and maybe some day I will get some other ones but there are so many butters out nowadays I might not get back to the Revlon ones! I got Tutti Frutti and at the time it was the middle of summer and bright orange was what I was about. So realistically I only use this seasonally. Bright orange isn’t THAT fantastic in the dead of winter. Anyway. I like that you can build this up, it can go on quite sheer to all the way orange. It’s very soft, buttery (who’da thought), smooth – not sticky and very comfortable on the lip. I do find that the lasting quality isn’t great. I do reapply frequently. This is a decent product, again, next time I would/will buy a more wearable colour and I know this is a big favorite for most people but this isn’t something I would die without.


Revlon ColourStay Eyeshadow Quad in Attitude

48468570ceac7f210d60ec35792d83b0_bestSo I picked this up quite a while back. I’m pretty sure it’s not new anymore. Anyway, I needed some nice neutrals and I saw this and thought, why not? I wasn’t really in the market to buy something expensive like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes or anything, so this looked fair enough to me.

I like this quad for it’s value. The colours are nice, it blends easily, it’s not chalky but there’s nothing spectacular about it. The colour pay off is minimal but that’s ok, I only paid $10.99 for it. If you’re looking for a quick fix try this out. If you’re looking for a serious quad of neutrals, this is not for you.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex in Extreme Black

indexI don’t know what I expect from mascara’s. I think I expect too much right away. Like….I don’t want to have to work for it when it comes to mascara. I feel like with this product I have to work for it. It claims that after one coat your lashes will look full, plump and voluptuous. I would have to disagree. If you’re putting this on with minimal effort I feel like you don’t even know you’re wearing mascara. If you really work that wand, yes, you achieve a “mascara’d” (is that EVEN a word?) look, but nothing that stands out! If you apply 2 coats it looks a bit like what it claims to do! I just think that this product is not worth the effort. There’s effort and then there’s too much effort and this is the latter. It’s not even really good for the effortless days. Okay soon you’ll be able to play a drinking game by drinking every time you read the word effort. I’ll stop now. Pass on this one, ladies!

No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner


It’s kind of perfect the timing of this product. Here I was, making a blog post about how my Fusion Beauty Lip Gloss in Screen Siren was amazing but that it was a terrible bleeder. 2 days later I got to sample the No Bleeding Lips Secret Liner. I’m not going to lie, I was ready for this product to fail. So much so, that the first time I tried it, I used a product that doesn’t really bleed, it just had the potential to here and there. It didn’t bleed but I was like, “hey Natasha, you’re kind of cheating.” So I decided to put it to the ultimate test which was my Lip Fusion. All you do is line around your lips with this, wherever you want your lip product to stop. Apply said lip product. I wore the it the entire day. No bleeding. Nothing! I didn’t even touch up the line or anything. It WORKS! Coming in at $14.99 it’s not exactly cheap…’s also not exactly expensive. If you take in to consideration though, how many lip products do you actually own that bleed? This product should last you a fair amount of time! I say add this to your collection. It will fill you with happiness that you can wear those products again without fear!

MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood





I love paint pots and it would seem that every brand is coming out with their own kind these days. Though Estee Lauder’s new ones look fantastic and one day I plan to own all the MakeUp4Ever ones, I only have experience with MAC. I did a post about Painterly which I actually use as an eyeshadow base and I love it. Indianwood is just as fantastic. You can wear it on its own or wear as a base to create the most beautiful brown/bronze/metallic look and it really makes us blue eyed beauties have a fantastic colour pop . I love to pair this with Ambient by Smashbox which is almost the identical colour but with a bit of gold shimmer in it. I really recommend adding some MAC paint pots to your collection. The fact that you can wear them with anything and in so many different ways makes this a valued product. Coming in at $22.00 I think these are a great investment. If you think that’s a bit steep, (which in reality it is, I wish I could go pick up a ton at once but I can’t) just get yourself one or two good colours. You’ll LOVE these in your collection.

Updates and……Oops?!

So there are 3 products right now that I have finally tried and that I had mentioned in earlier posts saying I would let you know what I thought of them. So here we go:


China Glaze in Jungle Queen

Loved it. Thought it was a great colour. It’s a nice thick formulation. Not as thick as Julep polishes but thick enough. You will have to apply two coats though for that flawless finish. If you’re an expert, which I am not, you might be able to get away with one coat. It’s a beautiful, smokey purple.






Julep Pre-Soaked Nail Polish Remover Pads

I think these are ideal for travel but maybe not logical otherwise? They do take off your polish but I found you would need quite a few and that could get costly. When a bottle of remover costs $3.99 and lasts forever and a pack of 10 pads costs $9.99, for me, I’d go for the bottle. In saying that, again, if you travel, this is more ideal because it’s easy to throw in your make up bag and not lug around a bottle of remover.



Clinique Rinse Off Eye Make Up Solvent

I have used a lot of different products to take off my eye make up. I have yet to find one that I love. This one was almost perfect. You need only a bit on a cotton pad and it will literally take off all your eye make up. If you are wearing waterproof make up you might need to hold it there for a second. It lives up to any remover that claims with one swipe your make up is gone. What made this not a loving relationship was the fact that after a few minutes my eyelids got dry 😦 It wasn’t something terrible but it was enough to be bothersome. This MAY work better in the summer when every inch of my face is oily but for the winter, this didn’t do it for me. Makes me sad, I was so excited!





Lastly, my “Oops” was because I blogged about Mink Muffs by Essie a few days ago and realized I already had done so a while back. My apologies for the double blog!

Hope you’re all having a great Thursday! I’m super excited, I got a free sample in the mail today and I’m going to try to use it in the next couple of days so I can let you know what it is and if it works!!!

Essie Nail Polish in Mink Muffs

product_thumb.phpI’ve been waiting patiently for my January Julep box and it’s still not here! ARG! I even e-mailed them to see what the heck since i’m already choosing for February. There’s a delay at the boarder apparently.

Soooooo I did my nails today since I saw there was no Julep in the mail. I’ve been wearing some pretty vibrant colours as of late and was in the mood to tone it down a little. Mink muffs is a nice dark brown colour. It’s a touch darker then milk chocolate I would say. I find it a very sophisticated colour and you can wear it with PRETTY much everything. Love Essie, love their formulation. You do need 2 coats when using Essie polish, I’ve never been able to only get away with only 1. If you’re feeling like switching it up from the bright colours, this might be a nice one to go to for a couple days.

Maybelline Colour Sensation Vivids in Shocking Coral


I know I’m reviewing another lip product…..BUT I brought this out yesterday when I was doing a minimal make up look and just wanted a pop of colour somewhere and thought, YES, I love you Vivid. I love, love, LOVE Maybelline lipsticks. I think they are the best drugstore lip products out there. And staying power? AH-mazing. This line is no exception. When it came out a month or two ago I was knocked on my butt. I loved every.single.colour. I restrained myself and picked one. Good Natasha. Shocking Coral is what I picked and I love it so much. I cannot wait to pair this with a faux tan in the summer. It is going to look….well, shocking! It’s creamy, has an amazing colour pay off and stays on for a good amount of time. It doesn’t have the staying power of the 14hr Maybelline lipsticks but it’s pretty good. I seriously recommend adding at least 1 of the 8 colours to your collection. Heck, buy all 8 if you want!

Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Infatuation in Screen Siren

MTEzNDMzOTI4MA==When I first got into the market for a red gloss I wasn’t too sure what I really wanted in a gloss. I mostly just wanted red. SO, when I walked by this (Screen Siren) in the Fusion Beauty display it literally stopped me in my tracks. The picture does it no justice but the colour is extraordinary.  It’s just that beautiful. The bonus to this for some people if that it is also a lip plumper. After I purchased this very expensive gloss ($30) I used it for the first time at a Murder Mystery party. It’s very easy to apply though a touch on the thicker side of glosses. If you do apply too much, you run the risk of it getting goopy when you smack your lips together. Once you’ve mastered the amount of product to put on your lip you start admiring yourself and damn girl, it really DOES look amazing. A few minutes pass by and that’s when you remember it’s also a lip plumper. The sensation is very distracting at first, a little like pins and needles but it does fade….eventually. The colour pay off kind of makes it worth the annoyance. Does it actually plump? Maybe a little, but I could have just been hoping. After about 2 hours is when I stop loving the product. It starts bleeding very badly and that gorgeous red starts turning……pink?!

I wore this quite a few different times with the same results each time. It doesn’t stain your lips when you remove it which is nice,  but I would only wear this for a couple of hours at the most. Going out for a nice dinner with the girls and you know it’ll be over in a bit? Do it. Going out for the new year or for a night on the town? Skip this product.

Purchase if you’re ok with a $30 product that is only good for a couple of hours or pass altogether. The colour though…..ugh….to die for.

Live Clean – Argan Oil Leave In Spray

f5f48b8d993548b524a1c571f53c9da5_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403I only use this product for my scalp. After every shower I part my hair while it’s still damp and spray this product in. If I’m in a hurry I just spray away and give myself a quick scalp massage to get it in there. I don’t have damaged hair but I have extremely dry scalp. I know, kinda gross. I’ve tried everything and I thought I would add this to the tried list. I’m not a huge fan of this but I DID absolutely love the bottle. Easy to use bottle with a spray top. Made application that much better. I didn’t find the product itself did much for my hair, but it did add a touch of shine and I loved the earthy smell to it. I also like that you had to shake it together to blend the oils before use. I don’t know why, I just liked it. I would go out and try this if you’re looking for a bit more shine to your hair, but that’s about it. I don’t think it would do anything for anyone with damaged hair. Overall, I’m glad I tried it but I would not repurchase.