Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream by Fresh


Well now. Lets get talking about a good face cream. Oh look! What’s this? Helloooooo fresh!

I got this as a sample so I cannot, unfortunately give you any long term feedback. I might one day though…….because I want to purchase it! I loved it. It claims to provide 24 hours of moisture – it was very thick, rich and moisturizing. Immediately enhance radiance – there is a noticeable glow but nothing out there. Have long term brightening and clarifying effects – I have no idea but I BELIEVE! Improves elasticity and smooths the skin – if it does that, you won’t notice it after using a sample.

I seriously loved it the second it hit my skin. That’s saying a lot too because I HATE thick, rich face creams. This was beautiful though – luxurious feeling even! It did have a slight scent but I found it very, very pleasant. I sniffed it a few times before it hit my face. I think this would be fantastic for colder months but maybe a bit much for summer unless you have seriously dry skin year-round.

Go out and at least get a sample. Just…..touch it.


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