MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush


I.LOVE.Cream based blushes. I love them sooooo much that I have to remind myself that there are other textured blushes out there and to look at them. Not to say that I don’t enjoy powder or liquid blushes, I just love cream ones. This would be Ladyblush by MAC and honestly, you could wear it with anything. I do find it goes best with a simple look though. Make that blush the star (but not in the clown sense). It can definitely go on as a flushed look or build it up a bit more for a full on look. The one thing you have to remember with cream or liquid blushes and not that you don’t have to remember it with powder, is blend. Blend, blend, blend. If you blend it all in you will look flawless! Sometimes I get nervous about cream blushes in the summer. Stila ones makes me down right jittery. I love Stila blushes but that’s a whole other post.

In the summer MAC cremeblend blushes still work on oilier skin. I find they don’t give off as much sheen as other blushes. That doesn’t make the other blushes bad it just makes cremeblend wearable throughout the seasons, which I love as well. There’s nothing worse then being outside and looking dewy and then all of a sudden your blush starts making you look like just your cheeks are melting.

If you don’t already, go out and get yourself a Cremeblend blush by MAC. They do these well and they come in 6 different colours – all beautiful and they retail for $24 CND. They will last you though! You do not need a lot of product.


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    • I too have Something Special and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It is a wonderful shade year ’round but I think particularly for Spring and Summer. I’m so happy you love Cremeblend blushes as well!

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