Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Infatuation in Screen Siren

MTEzNDMzOTI4MA==When I first got into the market for a red gloss I wasn’t too sure what I really wanted in a gloss. I mostly just wanted red. SO, when I walked by this (Screen Siren) in the Fusion Beauty display it literally stopped me in my tracks. The picture does it no justice but the colour is extraordinary.  It’s just that beautiful. The bonus to this for some people if that it is also a lip plumper. After I purchased this very expensive gloss ($30) I used it for the first time at a Murder Mystery party. It’s very easy to apply though a touch on the thicker side of glosses. If you do apply too much, you run the risk of it getting goopy when you smack your lips together. Once you’ve mastered the amount of product to put on your lip you start admiring yourself and damn girl, it really DOES look amazing. A few minutes pass by and that’s when you remember it’s also a lip plumper. The sensation is very distracting at first, a little like pins and needles but it does fade….eventually. The colour pay off kind of makes it worth the annoyance. Does it actually plump? Maybe a little, but I could have just been hoping. After about 2 hours is when I stop loving the product. It starts bleeding very badly and that gorgeous red starts turning……pink?!

I wore this quite a few different times with the same results each time. It doesn’t stain your lips when you remove it which is nice,  but I would only wear this for a couple of hours at the most. Going out for a nice dinner with the girls and you know it’ll be over in a bit? Do it. Going out for the new year or for a night on the town? Skip this product.

Purchase if you’re ok with a $30 product that is only good for a couple of hours or pass altogether. The colour though…..ugh….to die for.


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