Maybelline Colour Sensation Vivids in Shocking Coral


I know I’m reviewing another lip product…..BUT I brought this out yesterday when I was doing a minimal make up look and just wanted a pop of colour somewhere and thought, YES, I love you Vivid. I love, love, LOVE Maybelline lipsticks. I think they are the best drugstore lip products out there. And staying power? AH-mazing. This line is no exception. When it came out a month or two ago I was knocked on my butt. I loved every.single.colour. I restrained myself and picked one. Good Natasha. Shocking Coral is what I picked and I love it so much. I cannot wait to pair this with a faux tan in the summer. It is going to look….well, shocking! It’s creamy, has an amazing colour pay off and stays on for a good amount of time. It doesn’t have the staying power of the 14hr Maybelline lipsticks but it’s pretty good. I seriously recommend adding at least 1 of the 8 colours to your collection. Heck, buy all 8 if you want!


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