Essie Nail Polish in Mink Muffs

product_thumb.phpI’ve been waiting patiently for my January Julep box and it’s still not here! ARG! I even e-mailed them to see what the heck since i’m already choosing for February. There’s a delay at the boarder apparently.

Soooooo I did my nails today since I saw there was no Julep in the mail. I’ve been wearing some pretty vibrant colours as of late and was in the mood to tone it down a little. Mink muffs is a nice dark brown colour. It’s a touch darker then milk chocolate I would say. I find it a very sophisticated colour and you can wear it with PRETTY much everything. Love Essie, love their formulation. You do need 2 coats when using Essie polish, I’ve never been able to only get away with only 1. If you’re feeling like switching it up from the bright colours, this might be a nice one to go to for a couple days.


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