Updates and……Oops?!

So there are 3 products right now that I have finally tried and that I had mentioned in earlier posts saying I would let you know what I thought of them. So here we go:


China Glaze in Jungle Queen

Loved it. Thought it was a great colour. It’s a nice thick formulation. Not as thick as Julep polishes but thick enough. You will have to apply two coats though for that flawless finish. If you’re an expert, which I am not, you might be able to get away with one coat. It’s a beautiful, smokey purple.






Julep Pre-Soaked Nail Polish Remover Pads

I think these are ideal for travel but maybe not logical otherwise? They do take off your polish but I found you would need quite a few and that could get costly. When a bottle of remover costs $3.99 and lasts forever and a pack of 10 pads costs $9.99, for me, I’d go for the bottle. In saying that, again, if you travel, this is more ideal because it’s easy to throw in your make up bag and not lug around a bottle of remover.



Clinique Rinse Off Eye Make Up Solvent

I have used a lot of different products to take off my eye make up. I have yet to find one that I love. This one was almost perfect. You need only a bit on a cotton pad and it will literally take off all your eye make up. If you are wearing waterproof make up you might need to hold it there for a second. It lives up to any remover that claims with one swipe your make up is gone. What made this not a loving relationship was the fact that after a few minutes my eyelids got dry 😦 It wasn’t something terrible but it was enough to be bothersome. This MAY work better in the summer when every inch of my face is oily but for the winter, this didn’t do it for me. Makes me sad, I was so excited!





Lastly, my “Oops” was because I blogged about Mink Muffs by Essie a few days ago and realized I already had done so a while back. My apologies for the double blog!

Hope you’re all having a great Thursday! I’m super excited, I got a free sample in the mail today and I’m going to try to use it in the next couple of days so I can let you know what it is and if it works!!!


2 responses

  1. Great product reviews. I’m going to purchase the Clinique eye makeup remover (I already have a ton of other Clinque skin products).

    – KW

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