Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex in Extreme Black

indexI don’t know what I expect from mascara’s. I think I expect too much right away. Like….I don’t want to have to work for it when it comes to mascara. I feel like with this product I have to work for it. It claims that after one coat your lashes will look full, plump and voluptuous. I would have to disagree. If you’re putting this on with minimal effort I feel like you don’t even know you’re wearing mascara. If you really work that wand, yes, you achieve a “mascara’d” (is that EVEN a word?) look, but nothing that stands out! If you apply 2 coats it looks a bit like what it claims to do! I just think that this product is not worth the effort. There’s effort and then there’s too much effort and this is the latter. It’s not even really good for the effortless days. Okay soon you’ll be able to play a drinking game by drinking every time you read the word effort. I’ll stop now. Pass on this one, ladies!


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