Haul? Or…..stuff I bought at the last minute or arrived in the mail blahbitty, blah, blah!

It’s been 6 days since I’ve blogged. It’s felt like forever, what about you? I somehow in those 6 days acquired some items. So this isn’t so much a review of anything because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even worn make up for 5 out of 6 of those days! So let’s get on with it. This is what has cluttered my apartment somewhere, somehow in the last bit.


I did in fact buy these scarves in black and cream. I loved them so much I had to have both colours. Yes, they both have those skulls on them and I LOVE that they’re subtle. Garage


They were having a 2 for $30 on the 3 wick candles AND I had a $20 coupon, yay! I also loved the shell plug in because my bathroom is beach themed. I got six scents with it, which I won’t show pictures for but, they are : Honeysuckle, Spring, Coconut Leaves, Lilac Blossom, Island Margarita and White Barn. Bath and Body Works







I also got a pair of jeans, 2 bras and 5 undies which I will just leave out of this lol.

In the mail I got:



The Body Shop was having a huge 50% Off Online sale a while back and I had a $10 coupon, so, yay again!






Lastly, look what was in the mail today!


I know…..a lot of stuff. I will hopefully have reviews for some of the aesthetic stuff soon!!!! Hope you’re all having a great day!


Just for Fun.

So my boyfriend is at work tonight and there’s been a snowstorm going on for the last 24 hours. My boredom levels are epic. SO, I decided to play with some stuff.



I used:

1. Smashbox Eyeliner in Taupe as a base all over my lid.  2. L’Oreal Colour Infallible in Permanent Kaki Eyeshadow overtop of Taupe.  3. Kat Von D Shadeshifter Eyeshadow in On the Road on the outer corner.

Repeat those 3 steps under the eye and finished with L’Oreal 24 HR Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black.

I need to do my eyes to shovel, right?!

Maybelline Colour Whispers in Lust for Blush and Pin Up Peach

I absolutely love Maybelline lip products. They are my favorite lip colour drugstore brand, hands down. So when they came out with Whispers I had to talk myself out of buying all 20 colours – well, where I went they only had about 10 but still! I bought two.

lust for blush-500x500003

This is Lust for Blush. Out of the two I got, this one is my favorite. It goes with everything, it’s subtle but can be built up to have a bit more pop.


Pin Up Peach is a nice buildable colour as well. The product itself is so smooth and hydrating that you don’t even remember you have it on half the time. It’s very comfortable on the lips. I do however feel like it’s the same as the Revlon Lip Butters in the sense that you have to reapply often. I enjoy the colour range of the Colour Whispers and I am really considering going out there and buying a couple more. I find them a touch better then the Revlon LB because I find them softer on the lips (if that’s possible) BUT I may be slightly biased :p

You should definitely go out and purchase one colour. It would be a great addition to your collection and if you love coloured lip butters, this is perfect.

Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in Devotion

s1432830-main-heroRemember when I did the review on the Kat Von D Shadeshifter Eyeshadow in On the Road and I said I WOULD go back for Devotion. Oh and I did. And I love it. Kat Von D has seriously surprised me with her eyeshadows. I absolutely love them.


Just on its own it’s amazing but I love pairing it with a liner. The texture is so soft, silky almost creamy and so easy to blend. It turns from gold to copper and the effect is even better with the more product you use. I’ll have to swatch On the Road for you guys since I didn’t get to when I did the review, but I’m telling you, you need to go out and get yourself one of these colours! I didn’t even apply this heavily because I was going to wear it as an all day look. If I were to have worn it just for night I would have worn it heavier and wet. The colour has a lot more pigment when wet.

Go to Sephora and just swatch one….I promise you will love it.

Update: Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Like Mink

I don’t know if you guys remember, but last month I got a Clinique TopBox. In that box I got the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Like Mink.


So excited to try this product but not too impressed with its outcome. The colours are pretty, soft and blend beautifully. The issue – pigment.


I had to layer each of these colours many times so that the camera could even pick it up. Especially that lightest colour. I don’t even know if it’s worth having in your collection. There isn’t any fall out, they’re not chalky, but if i’m going to pay $25 for a duo, I want some pay off. I’m glad I got this in a TopBox because I have wanted to try them and would have been super disappointed if I had to shell out that kind of money for minimal pay off. I wouldn’t buy another product from the Duo’s unless they changed the pigment.






The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil

sweet-lemon-beautifying-oil_zBody lotions don’t seem to work for me. I don’t know why but I’ve really tried to love them and the only way they work for me is if I’m treating my hands. So I decided to try an oil instead and why not try with my most favorite scent from the Body Shop – Sweet Lemon. Gosh, I LOVE this scent.

I applied this product right after a shower and it did soak in nicely. I do have to say though, it did leave a touch of greasiness. My legs get so dry that when I scratch them you can see the dead skin just flaking away – GROSS, and on the worst days there might be some bleeding. My arms don’t get too dry but my hands flake as well. Oil on my legs seem to be the only thing that prevent my urge to itch. So is this product moisturizing? Yes. Does this product smell absolutely amazing? Yes, yes! Would I buy it again? Probably not just due to the tiny amount of greasiness left behind – and in saying that, it’s not a complete deal breaker, but it’s made me want to find the perfect body oil.

You can also use this product in your hair but I in fact did not, so I unfortunately don’t have any feedback on that. Right now would be a great time to try this out as they are 50% off and I don’t know when that sale will end. It deserves a try! Who knows, maybe you can look past the slight greasiness?!

January Julep Maven Box – Boho Glam

januarymavenboxbgSo I don’t know if any of you remember but my January Julep Maven box never got to me. So, I contacted Julep and the very nice and friendly staff member sent me a new one. I received it today – yay! So I received Fiona which is a electric lime neon green crème, Teresa which is an opaque pink pearl frost and a hand and cuticle stick which is meant to moisturize and protect your skin while restoring a youthful appearance to your hands. It also contains Vitamin C and E to nourish and soothe. I have not used any of the products yet but I think I’m going to be in love with Teresa. It’s SUCH a beautiful colour. The hand and cuticle moisturizer feels good between my fingers but I will have to update once i’ve used it for a bit on my hands. It does however smell AMAZING. Kind of like almond oil but with a hint of something tropical. I love it.

I did also receive stickers to swatch polish colours on and 3 hair ties that are neon green, neon orange and neon pink. They are going to be wonderful for summer if they can hold up all my hair! Love this box even if it’s coming the same week as my February box.


002 (640x480)Yay, I finally got my new camera all up and working. So I put this on last night, this is Teresa!