Kat Von D Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in Devotion

s1432830-main-heroRemember when I did the review on the Kat Von D Shadeshifter Eyeshadow in On the Road and I said I WOULD go back for Devotion. Oh and I did. And I love it. Kat Von D has seriously surprised me with her eyeshadows. I absolutely love them.


Just on its own it’s amazing but I love pairing it with a liner. The texture is so soft, silky almost creamy and so easy to blend. It turns from gold to copper and the effect is even better with the more product you use. I’ll have to swatch On the Road for you guys since I didn’t get to when I did the review, but I’m telling you, you need to go out and get yourself one of these colours! I didn’t even apply this heavily because I was going to wear it as an all day look. If I were to have worn it just for night I would have worn it heavier and wet. The colour has a lot more pigment when wet.

Go to Sephora and just swatch one….I promise you will love it.


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