Maybelline Colour Whispers in Lust for Blush and Pin Up Peach

I absolutely love Maybelline lip products. They are my favorite lip colour drugstore brand, hands down. So when they came out with Whispers I had to talk myself out of buying all 20 colours – well, where I went they only had about 10 but still! I bought two.

lust for blush-500x500003

This is Lust for Blush. Out of the two I got, this one is my favorite. It goes with everything, it’s subtle but can be built up to have a bit more pop.


Pin Up Peach is a nice buildable colour as well. The product itself is so smooth and hydrating that you don’t even remember you have it on half the time. It’s very comfortable on the lips. I do however feel like it’s the same as the Revlon Lip Butters in the sense that you have to reapply often. I enjoy the colour range of the Colour Whispers and I am really considering going out there and buying a couple more. I find them a touch better then the Revlon LB because I find them softer on the lips (if that’s possible) BUT I may be slightly biased :p

You should definitely go out and purchase one colour. It would be a great addition to your collection and if you love coloured lip butters, this is perfect.


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