Haul? Or…..stuff I bought at the last minute or arrived in the mail blahbitty, blah, blah!

It’s been 6 days since I’ve blogged. It’s felt like forever, what about you? I somehow in those 6 days acquired some items. So this isn’t so much a review of anything because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even worn make up for 5 out of 6 of those days! So let’s get on with it. This is what has cluttered my apartment somewhere, somehow in the last bit.


I did in fact buy these scarves in black and cream. I loved them so much I had to have both colours. Yes, they both have those skulls on them and I LOVE that they’re subtle. Garage


They were having a 2 for $30 on the 3 wick candles AND I had a $20 coupon, yay! I also loved the shell plug in because my bathroom is beach themed. I got six scents with it, which I won’t show pictures for but, they are : Honeysuckle, Spring, Coconut Leaves, Lilac Blossom, Island Margarita and White Barn. Bath and Body Works







I also got a pair of jeans, 2 bras and 5 undies which I will just leave out of this lol.

In the mail I got:



The Body Shop was having a huge 50% Off Online sale a while back and I had a $10 coupon, so, yay again!






Lastly, look what was in the mail today!


I know…..a lot of stuff. I will hopefully have reviews for some of the aesthetic stuff soon!!!! Hope you’re all having a great day!


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