Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh


Now I only had a sample of this product which was 0.67fl oz. It did give me a bit of use though, so let’s get to it. It claims to be extra-gentle and I have to say – it is. It’s so gentle that I felt like I was just washing my face with…..nothing. I don’t mean that to sound like a negative because it did what it said but, it was too gentle for me. It lacked “oomph”. If you have super sensitive skin then this cleanser would be AMAZING for you. It’s of a gel consistency, very lightly scented – you could barely smell a thing and super silky to apply. It does remove light traces of make up but I think if you’re having a heavy duty make up day, this would not do the job. Again, it was too gentle for me. Does it get the job done? Yes. Was it fun to use? No. It barely foamed, frothed or did anything for that matter. I wouldn’t purchase this just for the reason that it’s not something I need. I really think that intolerant skin would benefit from this product.


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