Haul? Or…..stuff I bought at the last minute or arrived in the mail blahbitty, blah, blah!

It’s been 6 days since I’ve blogged. It’s felt like forever, what about you? I somehow in those 6 days acquired some items. So this isn’t so much a review of anything because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even worn make up for 5 out of 6 of those days! So let’s get on with it. This is what has cluttered my apartment somewhere, somehow in the last bit.


I did in fact buy these scarves in black and cream. I loved them so much I had to have both colours. Yes, they both have those skulls on them and I LOVE that they’re subtle. Garage


They were having a 2 for $30 on the 3 wick candles AND I had a $20 coupon, yay! I also loved the shell plug in because my bathroom is beach themed. I got six scents with it, which I won’t show pictures for but, they are : Honeysuckle, Spring, Coconut Leaves, Lilac Blossom, Island Margarita and White Barn. Bath and Body Works







I also got a pair of jeans, 2 bras and 5 undies which I will just leave out of this lol.

In the mail I got:



The Body Shop was having a huge 50% Off Online sale a while back and I had a $10 coupon, so, yay again!






Lastly, look what was in the mail today!


I know…..a lot of stuff. I will hopefully have reviews for some of the aesthetic stuff soon!!!! Hope you’re all having a great day!


The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil

sweet-lemon-beautifying-oil_zBody lotions don’t seem to work for me. I don’t know why but I’ve really tried to love them and the only way they work for me is if I’m treating my hands. So I decided to try an oil instead and why not try with my most favorite scent from the Body Shop – Sweet Lemon. Gosh, I LOVE this scent.

I applied this product right after a shower and it did soak in nicely. I do have to say though, it did leave a touch of greasiness. My legs get so dry that when I scratch them you can see the dead skin just flaking away – GROSS, and on the worst days there might be some bleeding. My arms don’t get too dry but my hands flake as well. Oil on my legs seem to be the only thing that prevent my urge to itch. So is this product moisturizing? Yes. Does this product smell absolutely amazing? Yes, yes! Would I buy it again? Probably not just due to the tiny amount of greasiness left behind – and in saying that, it’s not a complete deal breaker, but it’s made me want to find the perfect body oil.

You can also use this product in your hair but I in fact did not, so I unfortunately don’t have any feedback on that. Right now would be a great time to try this out as they are 50% off and I don’t know when that sale will end. It deserves a try! Who knows, maybe you can look past the slight greasiness?!

Body Shop Lip Scruff

I love me a good lip scrub (again, obsessed with any form of exfolitation). I’ve bought this product twice, and I liked it both times. I don’t say love because on the negative side of things, I felt it left a bit of a residue. It’s minty, you can feel it exfoliating those fine lips, and they are soft afterwords! If you are a fan of the sugar scrub, you won’t like this. It has pieces of oatmeal in it which gives it a different texture then the lovely sugar. I enjoyed the oats though! I really hope you at least give this a try as I feel you won’t be disappointed. It deserves at least one touch with your lips. Are there lip scrubs you love?
Side note: I know I usually do the nail thing on Sundays, but believe it or not, I’m too tired to paint my nails and decided to just leave it alone for now 🙂 I blame Sunny Saturdays, patios and rum and cokes!

The Body Shop – Moringa Body Scrub


I have a SLIGHT addiction to exfoliating. My face, my body, I would exfoliate my boyfriend if he would let me. So I try body scrubs whenever I can. Body Shop has some amazing scrubs and this is just one of them. If you like the smell of fresh flowers, this baby is for you. As soon as I open it, the gentle aroma of flowers and sunshine (yes, sunshine. don’t judge me) hit you. This would be WONDERFUL for the winter. Opening this up on a dark, gloomy, cold day would just brighten everything. Ahem. Enough gushing.

On top of the fabulous aroma, is the wonderfully textured beads and the creaminess of it. It’s creamier then some scrubs which makes it more hydrating to your skin. I don’t know about you, but anytime I can get an extra boost of moisturizer, I’m on it. My skin is so dry, and I feel so wonderful after using this scrub.

Bottom line: Give it a try. Get rid of that dead skin on your body and reveal the soft, glowing you!

Ingredient of the Day: Glycerin

Categories: Skin Identical Ingredients

It is present in all natural lipids, whether animal or vegetable. It readily absorbs water from other sources, meaning it works because of its ability to attract water from the environment and from the lower layers of the skin increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of skin. It also helps prevent dryness and scaling.